The Public Administration Reform has been incorporated in Portugal in 2020 as a cross field, in parallel with the Territorialization Policies and aligned with the thematic areas shown in the figure below:

Companhia Própria, in the last five years, played an active role in providing consulting / training solutions that contributed to the modernization of the State, to the efficiency of their processes and to the appreciation of its assets. Consequently, our team (established by many elements with relevant experience in the public sector) can support you in the following financing activities:


  • Support the promotion of a network mindset in the Public Services and Public Administration (online services, dematerialization and reengineering of front office and back office processes that are directly associated, interoperability of support platforms), supported by investment in equipment, development of computer systems, services associated to the process reengineering and to the simplification of processes, and awareness and information actions;
  • Improving internal efficiency and institutional capacity of Public Administration, as a support element to implement the best answers to the needs of citizens and businesses;
  • Training activities for workers in public functions associated with projects of administrative modernization and to the implementation of government reforms in key areas.

The approach to the project management that we promote, applicable to types of intervention referred, can be summarized as follows:

It should be noted that Portugal 2020 innovated, compared to the past, by focusing on the compliance of the objectives / results to be achieved via a rigorous evaluation of these, following the requirement on financial / procedural standards already existing. The exposed framework enables to respond to this new requirement, through the monitoring and evaluation system that integrates this solution.

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