The period of the EU funds partnership program, Portugal 2020, started in 2014, introduces the Potential Programme Social Inclusion and Employment (POISE) as one of the major public intervention tools for boosting employment / training, promoting social inclusion and fighting exclusion.

Companhia Própria, considering only the previous EU funds partnership program (QREN), managed approvals financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) in excess of 70 million euros and is therefore one of the main entities operating in this market. Following the development of this activity, we have developed a financed training project management framework applicable to POISE operations, which can be summarized as follows:

The need to optimize the full potential value of the POISE projects implies that the monitoring of these operations is based on strong management procedures (identified in the figure above). Therefore, the various technical levels of our service, well beyond a mere administrative work or mere legal compliance, will also ensure:

  • The promotion of synergies between the financed operations and the strategy of its promoters;
  • A clear definition of the operation, its phases and tasks;
  • The skilled management of the financial scale of the operation, its risks, purchasing and quality levels;
  • The design of training content aligned with the priorities of POISE and the promoters;
  • The monitoring and evaluation throughout the execution of the operation;
  • Effective communication with all the project's stakeholders;
  • The legal compliance of operations;
  • A frequent local support;
  • The division of responsibilities associated with the ownership of the operation;
  • Commitment with performance and results to be achieved via the operation.

It should be noted that Portugal 2020 innovated, compared to the past, by focusing on the compliance of the objectives / results to be achieved via a rigorous evaluation of these, following the requirement on financial / procedural standards already existing. The exposed framework enables to respond to this new requirement, through the monitoring and evaluation system that integrates this solution.

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