Companhia Própria, in the scope of training and education project management, developed a service to support the management of operations in the Rural Development Operational Programme (PDR 2020), particularly, in Measure 2 that aims to "improve information and technical and business skills of the assets of agriculture sector, food and forestry, in order to promote economic growth and the development of rural areas by improving the sustainability, competitiveness, resource efficiency and environmental performance of farms and businesses". The work methodology we apply in project management, in our activity, may be summarized as follows:

It should be noted that training projects to be developed by PDR 2020, "focus mainly on the acquisition of the necessary knowledge for the comprehension of investment projects submitted for funding. There are two types of training actions to be supported that are divided into two groups: basic training, more generalist (basic concepts, standards, good practices’ examples, ...) directed to active farms, companies and other entities that are in an investment process financed by the program (or by the PRODER program at the end)."

On the other hand, the projects relating to specific training, aimed at more advanced students, will give them the knowledge “for the intervention in more tangible conditions of productive context (ex .: soil and climatic and physiographic conditions, production system, etc .. ) and which is addressed to entrepreneurs and managers of the same beneficiaries as well as Young Farmers, financed by the previous program PRODER, and to the industry experts. The remaining training not contemplated under the PDR 2020 will be supported under the ESF. "


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