Companhia Própria has taken the lead in spreading the POCH, anticipating the official entities, by holding more than a dozen seminars, from July 2014, responding thus to the lack of available information. This early involvement with POCH allowed us to sustain a deep knowledge of this program which, together with the experience of our team of consultants, makes Companhia Propria an essential partner for the management of these operations.

Over the previous period of European programs (QREN), we work with several dozens of school groups, training centers, CNO's current CQEP's), universities and also with central agencies of the Ministry of Education, allowing us to create a framework of custom work for the Education sector. The guidelines of our approach to project management is summarized in the figure below (in the case of types that involve training of education's assets ads a third level of design and management training):

Our approach, applicable to all the POCH sorts of intervention, goes well beyond the mere compliance of the legal and administrative work inherent in the financed projects, also allowing to ensure:


  • The promotion of synergies between operations with the strategy of the promoters (with the educational project if applicable);
  • A clear definition of each operation, its phases and tasks;
  • A qualified management of the financial / pedagogical dimension of the operation, its risks, purchasing and quality levels;
  • The monitoring and evaluation throughout the execution of the operation;
  • An efficient communication model with all the project’s stakeholders;
  • A local and regular monitoring;
  • The division of responsibilities associated with ownership of the operation;
  • A commitment with performance and results to be achieved via the operation.


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