The Erasmus + programme results from the aggregation of several European programmes and it is a fundamental support for the finance of education, training, youth and sport, which purpose is to support lifelong learning projects, including higher education, vocational education and training, school education, adult education and youth activities and training in the framework of amateur sports.

Despite the youth of Erasmus + programme and its financed operations, Companhia Propria assures you an excellent development of projects, since its close relation with the training and education sector allowed us to acquire a fundamental deep knowledge for project´s structure, furthermore we count with a team of skilled consultors specialists in public financed projects.

The work methodology applied in this service, comprising the first two Erasmus + key actions, is based on our project management framework, including a service related to the qualification and management of partners (according to the demands of each Erasmus + project), shown in the following image:

Applying this methodology to yours Erasmus + projects will allow:

  • The promotion of synergies between the financed operations and the strategy of its promoters;
  • A clear definition of the operation, its phases and tasks;
  • The skilled management of the financial scale of the operation, its risks, purchasing and quality levels;
  • The design of training content aligned with the priorities of the Erasmus + and the promoters;
  • The monitoring and evaluation throughout the execution of the operation;
  • Effective communication with all the project's stakeholders;
  • The legal compliance of operations;
  • A frequent local support;
  • The division of responsibilities associated with the ownership of the operation;
  • A network of qualified partners and excellence;
  • Commitment with performance and results to be achieved via the operation.

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