The Operational Programme Competitiveness and Internationalization (COMPETE 2020), as a tool of the Portugal 2020 program, develops its funding activity under the field "Competitiveness and Internationalization", as defined in the partnership agreement with the European Union.

The main goal of this program is "to contribute for the creation of a more competitive economy based on knowledge, built on tradable or exportable goods and services ​​and by strengthening the qualification and export orientation of Portuguese companies, promoting the reduction of costs associated with a higher efficiency of public services and the improvement of transports".

In the scope of project management in training projects, Companhia Própria supports the management operations carried out under the axes II, III and V. During the period of the partnership agreement with the European Union we developed a diversity of categories, now integrated into the COMPETE 2020, that we understand can be managed in accordance with our work methodology, described below:

The COMPETE 2020 projects, to be developed under the above axes, integrate various types of beneficiary entity, profit and non-profit private organizations and the Central Government, all of which are potential customers of this service which will assure them:

  • The promotion of synergies between the financed operations and the strategy of its promoters;
  • A clear definition of the operation, its phases and tasks;
  • The skilled management of the financial scale of the operation, its risks, purchasing and quality levels;
  • The design of training content aligned with the priorities of POISE and the promoters;
  • The monitoring and evaluation throughout the execution of the operation;
  • Effective communication with all the project's stakeholders;
  • The legal compliance of operations;
  • A frequent local support;
  • The division of responsibilities associated with the ownership of the operation;
  • Commitment with performance and results to be achieved via the operation.

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