Due to the accumulated experience in managing educational projects, there was the need to integrate skills in the current team regarding public procurement. Thus, we have created a consulting area consisting of experienced consultants (internal and external), which allows us to assume ourselves as a reference in the education sector.

Our methodology, relying on a Tailor Made logic, is customized for each client by conducting an initial audit of procurement procedures that allows us to format the desirable support, according to the needs of the client.

The consulting service in public procurement may be provided as a standalone service or as an addition to our project management solutions with the following features:

  • Audit;
  • Continued support in procedural issues;
  • Support in litigation resolution;
  • Jury support;
  • Preparation of procedural parts;
  • Training / coaching.

We believe that the management of funded projects should, in any situation, be accompanied by this features, since the non-conformities relating to public procurement procedures are the most common in these operations. This issue has led to greater scrutiny on expenditure verification by the operational programs, implying a greater knowledge in this area by the beneficiaries, as well as full compliance of procurement processes.

Please contact us if you require further information so that our team of consultants may present you, in detail, the qualities of our work methodology and, above all, how can your organization improve its performance in the field of public procurement.