The financing of the education sector in Portugal, besides the contribution of the state budget, is largely supported by EU funds, in particular the European Social Fund (ESF). However, the dispersion and diversity of available funding instruments results in a shortage of successful applications due to lack of information.

The service we propose, of advisory nature, seeks to reverse this situation by offering technical support, developed in three stages:

  1. Conducting a previous diagnosis, using the client’s strategic documents (Educational Project, Autonomy Agreement, Business Plan, Diagnosis of Training Needs, External Evaluation, Reporting CAF, etc.);
  2. Matching client’s strategy with existing financing options, both internally (Portugal 2020) and externally (Erasmus +);
  3. Delivery of a final report consisting of a set of proposals aimed at boosting the priority initiatives of the customer, aligned with its needs with and guarantying the use of all the support available (if converted into financing projects).


This solution will enhance the activity of our customers, by mitigating any budgetary constraints, but mostly by differentiating its value proposition, reinforcing its position against the increasing competition among institutions in the education sector.

If the client will develop the projects identified, Companhia Propria will provide its project’s team for the preparation of the necessary funding applications, sharing the risk of their preparation.

If you want to know in detail this service, our consultants are available to meet and present you, in detail, the qualities of our work methodology.