Considering the relevance of this evaluation system in the education field, Companhia Propria provides a service, carried out in three stages, to be held together with the internal team of the company being evaluated:

1st phase:

  • Training of the internal self-assessment team;
  • Development of indicators that allow your team do the self-assessment CAF, and structure of the corresponding questionnaires and other tools for self-assessment;
  • Awareness sessions;
  • Completing the Self-Assessment Grid.


2nd Phase:

  • Clearance of questionnaires;
  • Preparation of the Organizational Diagnosis;
  • Presentation of the results of the Organizational Report and selection of improvement actions;
  • Setting up teams accountable for the development of improvement actions.


3rd Phase:

  • Monitoring the implementation of at least three actions for improvement and respective monitoring;
  • Impact assessment of the implemented actions and subsequent correction of deviations.


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